Path to a film event with the films part 1 and 2 "SOLD CITY"

Films by Leslie Franke and Herdolor Lorenz | Length of each film: 102 minutes

From Sunday, 2 June 2024, the two films "SOLD CITY" will be shown in many hundreds of cinemas and other venues throughout all European countries

"SOLD CITY" is a series of two films from below. Films that concern us all. That's why as many people as possible should be able to see them as soon as possible in as many places as possible. You too can organise your own film event in your town!

We need your organisational support!

First of all, we would like to thank the thousands of donors so far and our numerous supporting organisations. Without your help, "SOLD CITY" could not be realised! But in order to put the issue of yield-oriented housing higher on the agenda and to raise awareness of it with the film, we need not only your monetary help, but above all organisational support!

Together we can achieve a lot!

The concept of as many decentralised film screenings as possible as an aid to political information and mobilisation has already proved its worth with our last films  "Water Makes Money", "Who is saving whom?", "The marketable patient" and "Marketable People". Many committed people, NGOs and citizens' initiatives have established networks at countless events. Local references have been established and discussions stimulated. In this way, an important nationwide support for the movements against against water privatisation in Italy, France, Greece, Berlin and other places was created from many individual parts. These successes give us courage!

Together we are strong!

The power of the public also offers protection against the threat of censorship: even before the premiere of "Water Makes Money", for example, there were indications that Veolia - one of the largest global private water companies - would try to stop the screening by means of an injunction. The public pressure and efforts of many hundreds of committed people, active groups and citizens' initiatives were able to prevent this!

We hope that these films will have a similar effect!

My screening

If a cinema screening is not possible or the subject matter of the film reaches a larger audience elsewhere, screenings can alternatively take place in other rooms that are suitable for projections (projector, sound). Examples include district and neighbourhood shops, local trade union centres, club rooms, schools, community centres - or simply your favourite café. Where would you most like to see the film?

... followed by a discussion ...

The screening of "SOLD CITY" is particularly effective if the film is accompanied by information and/or discussion events. Who in your area is familiar with the topic? Which groups or initiatives are politically active and perhaps already mobilising protests? Invite guests who can talk about the situation, exchange experiences and make new contacts!

... and with our support

Talk to us if you need help networking with other interested parties or making contact with potential discussion guests and speakers in your area.

Let us know where and when you want to organise your film screenings. The faster and more extensive our online event map fills up, the longer the list of screenings on our website becomes, the more momentum the campaign gains and the more people are motivated to get involved!

How to reach us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here comes the film! DVD /Mov.files for non-commercial events

If you have supported the creation of "SOLD CITY", you will receive your personal film DVD or file. This includes a screening licence for non-commercial events at the location of your choice. If you are planning a commercial event (with profit), please contact us for further arrangements.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to the realisation of the film: Through donations, the provision of accommodation during filming, valuable information and much more.

Create publicity!

Draw attention to your film screening now! With the following material, which is available for download:

    Film posters to put up in cinemas, shops, cafés, club buildings etc.
    Flyers that you can personalise with your own event information (date, location, organiser, speakers, discussion partners, etc.).

Posters and flyers can either be produced by you on the basis of our print templates. Or we can send you copies by post for a small fee!

As soon as your event has been finalised, we will announce it on So please send us all the relevant information as soon as possible. This will not only help us to achieve greater reach and mobilisation. Above all, we are sending out a joint signal against the sell-out of our cities with many, many events.

Tips for subsequent mobilisation work ...

We are providing press material and a trailer in advance. Use the materials to draw the attention of the local newspaper, the city magazine or the radio station to your event! Use the e-mail distribution lists of local associations, trade unions and institutions. Approach local groups, write to your contacts and distribute flyers at events you are attending in the run-up to the event. This will not only attract a larger audience, but also support and co-organisers!

Off to a successful premiere ...

it is particularly important that the two films are talked about through word-of-mouth advertising and possibly even reported in the local press. In order to use the public's interest and involve those who did not have the opportunity to attend, it makes sense for the films to remain in the cinema or elsewhere in the programme after the opening date.

Enlightenment is human dignity. Let's work together to ensure this!